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SINK N' SPIN In Sink Dishwashing Suction Scrub Brush, Silverware Scraper & Scrubber with Cutlery Cleaner Slot, Handle for Easy Clean Kitchen Dish Plates Bowls Knives

Keep messy dishes clean & not in the sink with SINK N' SPIN. This cleaning attachment secures inside your kitchen sink basin and makes it hard to leave a mess behind.
  • CLEAN IN LESS THAN ½ THE TIME – Dishes are round, why isn’t your brush? SINK N’ SPIN Simply Spins or Swipes Dirty Plates, Bowls Clean and Shines Silverware in the Cutlery Cleaner Slot to Quickly Wipe Away Your Mess with Strong Suction and Included Handle to Clean Any Mess
  • NO MORE DIRTY DISH PILE-UPS - Always Ready To Use with Up To 20 LB suction Inside the Sink Making It Hard NOT to Clean Right Away. An essential for busy families or those messy roommates
  • SAVE UP TO 10X WATER - Eco-friendly gadget! Help Save Energy and on Utility Bills by Reducing Water Usage. Use SINK N' SPIN with the Drain Plugged to Save Up To 10X Water Vs. Traditional Washing
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE - SINK N' SPIN Is Always Ready to Go with Strong Suction Hold and Includes Form Fitting Handle for Bigger Messes! Easy to Rinse Clean and Dishwasher Safe (for deep cleaning)
  • FITS ANY SINK (USA Standard) - Four Heavy Duty Suction Cups Provide Powerful Hold to Work In Any Sink, Any Angle Multi Density Bristles Reach Deep Into Corners and Tackle Any Kitchen Mess